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Déchets polluants aux portes de l'Arctique – Lofoten, subartique
Les courants océaniques transportent les déchets et emballages plastiques jusque dans les environnements préservés de l'arctique. Outre le fait qu'ils tuent un nombre incalculable d'animaux marins, les plastiques contaminent la chaine alimentaire et finissent par contaminer ce que nous mangeons.



“My life is a congregation of compromises but always centers on nature and its conservation. Nature is my life, my joy, my adventure. I just hope that, one day, I will find a way to give something back to nature for all it gave to me, and what I´m so very grateful for.”

Kerstin Langenberger was born and raised in Germany. After her first trip in Iceland, where she lived six years, she passed one year in Norway and another year on Svalbard. She earning her keep as a nature guide, with journalism and of course photography. She do love interesting and unusual jobs and have, amongst others, worked on expedition cruise ships in the Arctic and Antarctica, as a handler and musher in Norway, as a hut warden and ranger in Iceland and New Zealand, as an environmentalist and photographer for Greenpeace Nordic in Norway, Sweden and the North Atlantic, and as a farmer both in Austria, Iceland and Norway. Nature conservation and an eco-friendly, open-minded and frugal lifestyle is very important to her.

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