July 2016

Farewell Michel Rocard!

MichelRocard juin2016
Michel Rocard and Jean-Marc Ayraud, Ministre of Foreign Affairs at the official présentation of the French National Roadmap for the Arctic, 14 june 2016 - © Le Cercle Polaire

On June 14th 2016, Michel Rocard made the official presentation of the French National Roadmap for the Arctic, whose development he has chaired for the last two and a half years at the ministry for Foreign Affairs. Seventeen days later he passed away. The Cercle Polaire, of which Michel Rocard has been honorary president for the last seven years, and with whom he has had a true and sincere relationship, will soon pay homage to him. Farewell Michel, we will miss you. You can rely on us to keep on fighting for the preservation of the polar regions.


Hommages and testimonies

Michel Rocard: an extraordinary man by Neil Hamilton, membre of Le Cercle Polaire, 28 july 2016

The Polar Photographes Ragnar Axelsson Hommage - Icelandic photographer, friend of Le Cercle Polaire, 18 july 2016

President Grimsson's hommage and testimony - President of the Republic of Iceland, 18 july 2016

Hervé Baudu's hommahe to the “Ambassadeur des Pôles” - professeur à l'ENSM, 18 juillet 2016

A double-page this sunday in the icelandic newspaper - download the pages (JPG format), 10 july 2016

The privilege of an Awesome Meeting - Madeleine Griselin, director of research emeritus, CNRS, 7 july 2016

C'était Rocard - Nouvel Observateur, n°26906, 7 to 13 juy 2016 (PDF, 1,6 Mo)

Michel Rocard, ses derniers combats pour la protection des pôles - Le 12/14 de LCI , with Benedicte le Chatelier, 4 july 2016
Download the video (79Mo)

Michel Rocard, le petit père des pôles - Libération, Anne Denis, 3 july 2016

Décès de Michel Rocard : "Il était un homme d’utopie et de réalisme à la fois" pour Jack Lang - interview LCI News (3'22"), 2 july 2016

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