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To support Le Cercle Polaire is to help heighten awareness to polar issues and assist in political lobbying in the European and international institutions, leading to greater protection and preservation of these unique environments through the creation of appropriate regulations.

To support Le Cercle Polaire means participating in the great polar adventure! Le Cercle Polaire adventure will allow you to enrich your knowledge while contributing to a greater protection of the Polar Regions, the last of the unspoiled lands and seas, the Arctic and the Antarctic.

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As soon as reception and registration of your donation, Le Cercle Polaire will send you
by email an official donation receipt

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Order your cheque to “Le Cercle Polaire”
and send it to :

Le Cercle Polaire
Bat. B - BaL 11
6 rue Aimé Morot
75013 Paris - FRANCE

Le Cercle Polaire, approved as a General interest NGO, is allowed to receive donations from private persons and companies.
For your information:
Tax payers benefit from an income tax rebate equal to 66% of the donation amount. It is limited to 20% of taxable income (art. 200-3 C.G.I)
Companies liable to income tax or company tax benefit from a rebate of 60% limited to 0.5% of their turnover. (art. 238 bis 2 CGI)
Private parties who pay solidarity tax on wealth can reduce 75% of the total of their donation up to a total of 50,000 euro (art 885-0 V bis A C.G.I).
Tax reductions only for taxpayers resident in France

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