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flag danemark Carsten Egevang
Ornithologist & Photographer • Danemark

Polar Fox, the Ultimate Survivor - Kap Höeg, Scoresbysund, Greenland
The true master of survival, the Arctic Fox is common throughout the Scoresbysund area, especially near bird colonies, like in Kap Höeg.

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"A major challenge is how to manage a sustainable use of arctic animals without undermining the traditional living of Arctic indigenous peoples"

Carsten Egevang is a researcher working with seabird ecology and sustainable use of natural resources in Greenland. He recently received the Greenland Government Environment Award for communicating research results on the long-distance migration of the Arctic tern, to a broader audience. Carsten is also an awarded photographer in several international contests, where his images documenting the survival of animal and people in the majestic Arctic environment has received much attention. Carsten Egevang has published three photo books entitled “GREENLAND – Land of Animal and Man”, “Life at the Edge” and “Thule”.

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