flag autriche Sepp Friedhuber
Biologist / Photographer • Austria

Magic blue iceberg. Bredefjord, South Greenland.
Blue ice is a very old ice and was under big preasure by the glacier and there are nearly no airbubbles locked inside the ice. So we see the reflection of the blue light, which is not absorbed.


“Arctic and Antarctica are the most remote and untouched areas oft he world. We have to do everything, to protect this magic world, which is under big preasure by global warming and economic interests”

Sepp Friedhuber did many trips to the Artic and Antarctica as a filmmaker, photographer and scientific lecturer. His main destination was the Russian Arctic archipelago Franz Josef Land. He made many photographic and film documentaries and won prices in international awards like Global Arctic Award, Golden Camera and Golden Romy. His lectures and shows are focused on the beauty oft he polar regions and the problems by global warming for nature and indigenous people.
Sepp Friedhubert is associate member of Le Cercle Polaire.

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