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Long protected by their remote location and buckled in by the surrounding ice, the poles are now severely affected by global warming and are progressively more involved in globalisation. We are in the midst of writing a new page of history and the future of these unique regions depends heavily on the wealth of support and heartfelt compassion that they receive from public opinion and politicians worldwide.

Join the 200 key figures involved in The Call of the Poles by sending one or two photos of yourself in an icy or snowy place, a biography of 90 words and a text of 300 words maximum giving us your personal account of a major issue about the Arctic or the Antarctic (ex. Inuit territorial claims, opening of new maritime routes in the Arctic ocean, increase of tourism in the Antarctic peninsula, preservation of the polar bear...).
We will add your name to the list of signatories below.

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Signatories list

flag argentine

Jorge Taiana, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Argentina
Alfredo Moyano, Computer Systems Analyst, Argentina
Ricardo Roura, Social Scientist

flag australie

Bob Brown, senator, Australia
Jude Conning, Photographer, Australia
Neil Hamilton, Head of WWF Arctic, Australia
Robert Hawke, former Prime minister, Australia
Adrian McCallum, Research Engineer, Australia
Peter Morse, Visualisation Specialist, Australia
Geoffrey Mosley, environmentalist, Australia
Patrick Quilty, geologist, Australia

flag autriche

Benita Ferrero Waldner, Euro Commissioner, Austria
Sepp Friedhuber, photographer, Austria
Anna Kim, writer, Austria
Birgit Sattler, lake researcher, Austria

flag belgique

Geoffrey Boissy, comedian, Belgium
Claude De Broyer, biologist, Belgium
Kris Molle, NGO research and liaisons Officer, Belgium
Jean de Pomereu, photographer, Belgium
Alain Hubert, expedition leader, Belgium

flag brezil

Flavio Justino, climatologist, Brazil

flag bulgarie

Christo Pimpirev, researcher, Bulgaria

flag canada

Dennis Bevington, member of parliament, Canada
Michelle Daveluy, anthropologist, Canada
Steven Ferguson, marine mammalogist, Canada
Christopher Fletcher, anthropologist, Canada
Alain A. Grenier, sociologist, Canada
Bob Heath, pilote, Canada
Frédéric Lasserre, geopolitician, Canada
Jean Lemire, film-maker, Canada
Magdalena A.K. Muir, researcher, Canada
Ian Stirling, zoologist, Canada
Helene Testud, Canada
Sheila Watt-Cloutier, politician, Canada

flag canada

Pita Aatami, politician, Nunavik, Canada

flag nunavut

Paul Okalik, Former-Premier, Nunavut, Canada

flag chili

Jorge Berguno Barnes, diplomat, Chile
Francisco Hervé, geologist, Chile
Rodrigo Jordan, mountaineer, Chile
José Retamales, chemist, Chile

Flag of the Peoples Republic of China

Chengli Xu, physiopathologist, China

flag Cuba57

Julio Pérez Pérez, Meteorologist, Cuba

flag danemark

Thomas Bilde Below, postman, Denmark
Carsten Egevang, zoologist, Denmark
Henrik of Denmark, Prince consort, Denmark
Per Stig Moller, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Denmark
Trine Pettigrew, Denmark
Jorn Riel, writer, Denmark

flag equateur

Hernan R. Moreano, oceanograper, Ecuador

flag estonie

Enn Kaup, lake researcher, Estonia
Emilie Maj, antrhopologist, Estonia

flag finlande

Risto Isomaki, writer, Finland
Tina Itkonen, Photographer, Finland
Paula Kankaanpaa, researcher, Finland

flag france

David Allemand, photographer, France
Valerie Arbon, commercial and press relations, France
Yves Auffret, European Union official, France
Isabelle Autissier, skipper, France
Eric Barilland, E-Media director, France
Patrick Blainville, self-employee, France
François Bernard, mountaineer, France
Vincent Berthet, cameraman, FranceMarco Binisti, photographe, France
Didier Bosco, water treatment technician, France
Barbara Bouchet, anthropologist, France
Anca Bouny, aerospatial technician, France
Bernard Breton, photographer, France
Pénélope Breuil, patrimony curator, France
Eric Brossier, skipper, France
Sonia Cadic, France
Sophie Ceresa Fournier, painter, France
Philippe Chadeyron, France
Floriane Chanet, tourism representative, France
Boris Chichlo, ethnologist, France
Anne Choquet, attorney, France
Michel Clar, polar guide and web-reporter, France
Jean-Michel Corillion, film maker, France
Catherine Coutte-Demarais, communication, France
Janine Crespin, pensioner, France
Jean d'Orléans, Prince of Orléans, France
Carl De Keyzer, photographer, France
Christian de Marliave,, polar guide and editor, France
Xavier Desmier, photographer, France
Sébastien Drouadaine, media senior executive, France
Nicolas Dubreuil, expedition guide, France
Stéphane Dugast, journaliste, France
Serge Enderlin, journalist-writer, France
Jean-Louis Etienne, explorer, France
Benoît Faverial, Head of Community Operations, France
Anthony Filbien, communication, France
Frédéric Fournier, bank, France
Angelique Fourre, needlewoman, France
Thierry Garcin, Ethnologist, France
Maxime Garrigues, creator, France
Yan Gilbert, editor, France
Christian Gaudin, member of Senate, France
Antoine Gonay, France
David Gremillet, ecophysiologist, France
Christophe Guinet, zoologist, France
Stéphane Hergueta, journalist, France
Laurent Heuer - Avogadro, France
Vincent Hilaire, journalist, France
ean-Michel Huctin, anthropologist, France
Nicolas Hulot, environment reporter, France
Jean-Louis Imbs, polar regions guide-lecturer, France
Lesley Jessop, France
Pierre Jouventin - ecologist, France
Jean Jouzel, climatologist, France
Jean-Marc Kaufmann, High mountain guide, France
Marc Lachièze-Rey, astrophysician, France
David Lacombled, Director of institutional relations, France
Agnès Landa, editorial staff, France
Aurélien Larger, businessman, France
Céline Le Bohec, ecophysiologist, France
Jean-Yves Le Déault, member of Parliament, France
Claudy Lebreton, politician, France
Marc Lebouvier, ecologist, France
Frank Léna, General Secretary, France
François Lepage, photgrapher, France
Michel Leteurtrois, businessman, France
Alan Le Tressoler, polar logostician, France
Jean-Gabriel Leynaud, film-maker, France
Ronan Erwan Loas, financial director, France
Claude lorius, glaciologist, France
Christine Loÿs, journalist-writer, France
Michèle Esteve Margueron, press and communication director of Carnavalet musem, France
Jean Malaurie, ethnogeographer, France
Laurent Mayet, journalist, France
Delphine Meillet, lawyer, France
Elena Merino de Diego, informatician, France
Philippe Meunier, journalist, France
Fabrice Monod, film-maker, France
Christophe Periard, France
Eric Peters, government official, France
Jean-Robert Petit, glaciologist, France
Axel Peyriere, businessman, France
Gabriel Picot, teacher, France
Jean-Philippe Pierre, governement official, France
Frédéric Pitout, astronomer, France
François Poche, photographer, France
Stanislas Pottier, administration, France
Alexandre Pourchoux, marketing project manager, France
Natacha Quester-Séméon, NGO general secretary, France
Jean-Pierre Quignaux, historian, France
Fiodor Rilov, lawyer, France
Jean Robert, journalist, France
Michel Rocard, former Prime Minister, France
Catherine Roman, project manager, France
Sylvie Rouat, journalist, France
Laurent Rigal, France
Pierre Taverniers, ethnographist, France
Michèle Therrien, ethnolinguist, France
Morgan Trégouët, ambassad employe, France
Ernest Trümpy, craftsman, France
Hubert Védrine, former Minister, France
Nathalie Weiller Levy, NGO communication, France

flag allemagne

Heinrich Miller, glaciologist, Germany
Achim Steiner, Executive Director of the UNEP, Germany
Jörn Thiede, researcher, Germany
Katrin Witte, Germany

drapeau Grece-57

Christos Lambris, Explorer, Greece
Ionnis Papanagiotou, Engineer, Greece
Michael Tsoukias, mountaineer, Greece

flag groenland

Lene Kielsen Holm, researcher, Greenland
Samuel Kleemann, school teaher and TV journalist, Greenland
Ole Larsen, hunter/fisher, Greenland
Aqqaluq Lynge, Inuit leader, Greenland
Pia Lynge, government official, Greenland
Per Kunuk Lynge, Greenland
Nukappi Olsen, student, Greenland
Tom Ostermann, consultant, Greenland
Jenseeraq Poulsen, Greenland
Laila Ramlau-Hansen, journalist, Greenland
Kamal Nadri, quality controler for flight operations, Greenland
Henriette Rasmussen, former Minister, Greenland
Tola Rosing Carlsen, translator, Greenland

800px-Flag of Hungary-57

Csaba Mészáros, antrhropologist, Hungary

flag islande

Ragnar Axelsson, photographer, Iceland
Ragnar Th. Sigurdsson, photographer, Iceland

flag inde

Tsering Lara, himalayan guide and travel operator, India
Anindya Mukherjee, High mountain guide, India
Shri Rasik Ravindra, researcher, India

flag Israel57

Erez Marom, photographer, Israel

flag italie

Alan Fiorelli, mountaineer, Italia
Fabrizio Martinet, technician,Italy
Silvia Olmastroni, biologist, Italy
Pellissier Helicopter, Italy
Michele Pontrandolfo, polar explorer,Italy
Carlo A. Ricci, geologist, Italy
Lucia Sala Simion, journalist, Italy
Stefano Ventura microbiologist, Italy

flag japon

Jun Inoue, meteorologist, Japan
Kunio Rikiishi, glaciologist, Japan
Koji Sekimizu, S.-G. of I.M.O., Japan

flag malaisie

Azizan Abu Samah, meteorologist, Malaysia

flag malte

Joe Borg, Euro Commissioner, Malta

flag Mexico57

Ana Espinosa Garcia, Microbiologist, Mexico

flag monaco

Albert II de Monaco, Prince of Monaco

flag Morocco-57

Merieme Chadid - Astronomer, Morocco

flag nl

Marc Cornelissen, explorer, Netherlands
Louwrens Hacquebord, archeologist, Netherlands
Marteen Loonen, biologist, Netherlands

flag nz

John Harry Keys, glaciologist, New-Zealand
Dean Peterson, geologist, New-Zealand
Grant Redvers, skipper, New-Zealand

flag norvege

Liv Arnesen, adventurer, Norway
Eirik Gronningsaeter, photographer, Norway
Arnfinn Johansen, Photographer, Norway
Audun Lie Dahl, photographer, Norway
Roy Mangersnes, photographer,Norway
Bjørn Moa, Norway
Geir Tommy Pedersen, politician, Norway
Harry Schanke, Norway
Randi Skaug, adventurer, Norway Cecilie Skog, adventurer, Norway

Flag of Pakistan

Nisar Hussain, mounteneer, Pakistan


João Canário, chemist, Portugal
Jose Xavier, marine ecologist, Portugal

flag roumanie

Teodor G. Negoita, chemical engineer, Romania

flag russie

Vadim Balakin, photographer, Russia
Victor Boyarsky, physician, Russia
Dmitri Chparo, adventurer, Russia
Ivan E. Frolov, researcher, Russia
Sergey Gorshkov, photographer, Russia
Vladimir Kotliakov, glaciologist, Russia
Afanassi Makovnev, photographer, Russia
Vladimir Potapov, philologist, Russia
Nadejda Sergueeva, Yakoutia Institut, Russia
Saina Singer, yakout traditional singer, Russia
Vyachelsa Sshadrin, researcher and chief of the Council of Yukagir, Russia
Petr Vinokurov, Russia
Eduard Zdor, native (aboriginal) leader, Russia

Saudi Arabia-57

Abdulaziz Laboun, geologist, Saudi Arabia

flag singapour

Khoo Swee Chiow, adventurer, Singapore

Flag of South Africa

Ian Meiklejohn, geographer, South Africa

flag coree

Yeadong Kim, geophysicist, South Korea

flag espagne

Manuel Catalàn, Admiral, Spain
Jose Antonio Bodhi Lupus, Spain

flag suede

Magnus Elander, photographer, Sweden
Aant Elzinga, philosopher, Sweden
Gustaf Nelhans, doctoral student, Sweden
Frederik Paulsen, businessman, Sweden
Staffan Widstrand, photographer, Sweden

flag suisse

Yvon Csonka, ethnologist, Switzerland
Corinne Fauguel-Faivre, clock-making operator, Switzerland
Hubertus Ficher, clomatologist, Switzerland
Daisy Gilardini, photographer, Switzerland
Olga Letykai Csonka, traditional artist, Switzerland

800px-Flag of Turkey-57

Ufuk Akcan, Turkey

flag ukraine

Yevgen Moiseyenko, researcher, Ukraine
Stanislav Nedogibchenko, meteorologist, Ukraine

drapeau United Arab Emirates-57

Dana Al Hammadi, explorer, United Arab Emirates

flag uk

Bryan Alexander, photographer, UK
Dan Byles, politician, UK
Clem Collins, air unit assistant for the BAS, UK Ann Daniels, adventurer, UK
John Wilton-Davies, explorer,UK
Sir Ranulph Fiennes, expedition leader, UK
Caroline Letrange, expedition organiser, UK
Janice Meek, adventurer, UK
Lewis Gordon Pugh, lawyer, UK
Charles Swithinbank, glaciologist, UK
Diana Wallis, member of the European Parliament, UK

flag usa

Adam Angel, photographer, USA
Todd Kunnuk Candice Auliye,Purchasing Agent, USA
Ralph Backstrom, Snowboarder/writer, USA
Ann Bancroft, polar explorer, USA
Paul Arthur Berkman, researcher, USA
Richard Cameron, glaciologist, USA
David Carlson, oceanographer, USA
Jeff S. Chandler, anticque restoration, USA
Sebastian Copeland, photographer, USA
Craig Dabbs, Pipe Welder, USA
Ann Fienup-Riordan, anthropologist, USA
Shari Gearheard, geographer, USA
Bill Hanson, video and film producer, USA
Natasha Hanson, hotel/ship managment on polar cruises, USA
Luc Hardy, photographer, USA
Faith Luther Hensley, Finance Manager, USA
Karts Huseonica, USA
Alfred Scott McLaren, submariner, Etats-Unis
Thomas Ross Miller, Professor of Liberal Arts & Sciences, USA
James H. Morison, oceanographer, USA
Akshay Nanavati, student, USA
Stacy Nassuk, dentist, USA
Abe Ordover, photographer, USA
Lauren Parker, Account Coordinator, USA
Ciprian Popoviciu, Information Technologies Engineering, USA
Robert Pospischil, CFO, USA
Camille Seaman, photographer, USA
Susan Solomon, chemical engineer, USA
Joel Spiegelman, composer-conductor-pianist-harpsichordist-teacher-author / president of Stenbeck Foundation for Art, USA
John Splettstoesserger, geologist, USA
Patti Steger, designer,USA
Will Steger, explorer, USA
Susan Sterling, Self-employed, estate liquidation, USA

flag Venezuela57

Juan Alfonso, physician, Venezuela

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