The Board of Directors

The think tank le Cercle Polaire is run by a Board of Directors, comprising a maximum of 15 members. The Board includes the founders, who are ex-officio members, and members elected by the Board for renewable one-year terms. The Board has full power to manage, direct and administrate the organisation under all circumstances. The Board meets on an as-needed basis, at least once a year, or at the request of the majority of its members. Decisions are taken by a qualified majority.

The President







The Board of Directors Members

Aujard-B128 Dubreuil128 fournier128 Grovallet128 hamilton128 Hergueta128 Jessop128 Lachieze-Rey128 POTTIER128 rilov128 robert128 rouat128 

The Executive Committee

The Executive Committee of the Board of Directors comprises a chairman, a secretary and a treasurer. The Executive Committee has the powers necessary to undertake the day-to-day management of the organisation. It is tasked with implementing the decisions of the Board of Directors, and acts under its responsibility. It meets once every two months. The chairman may convene additional meetings as necessary.

  • Chairman : Laurent Mayet
  • Treasurer : Stéphane Hergueta
  • Secretary : Stanislas Pottier
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