November 2014

France opens its way to the High North

In September and October 2014, the French Navy carried out a highly diplomatic mission in the East Arctic, with special crew members, the former Prime minister Mr. Michel Rocard, ambassador of France to the polar regions, and his deputy ambassador, Mr. Laurent Mayet, Senior Officer Reservist in the Navy. Read the story in the “Marine & Oceans” magazine, No. 245

Chevalier Paul - Groenland
Chevalier Paul of Greenland coast
Latouche Tréville - Grand Nord
Latouche Tréville in the High North

HM Tenace in the Arctic Ocean

Read the “Marine & Océans” (PDF 1,1 Mo)

See the Photo gallery of the 2014 High North Mission of the Deep-Sea Towing Tug TENACE


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