Watching Arctic Sea-Ice

houssaisB128 The trend of summer sea-ice retreat in the Arctic Ocean has increased every year since 1996. The average slow decrease of about 36 000 km2/year over the period 1979-1996 got bigger during the following decade (1997-2007) reaching 72 000 km2/year - it nearly doubled. With the 2012 record year, the summer sea-ice retreat trend estimation is more than 90 000 km2/year over the whole period of satellite measurements (1979-2012). Marie-Noelle Houssais, oceanographer at laboratory LOCEAN (University Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris, France) analyses for us every six months, the evolution of arctic sea-ice floes.

By Marie-Noëlle Houssais, oceanographer, France.

Winter 2017 - winter 2018
Summer 2016
Winter 2013 - 2014
Summer 2013 - Record minimum for arctic sea extent in September 2013
Winter 2012-2013 - Regeneration record for winter Arctic sea ice
Summer 2012 - A Record Year
Watching the Arctic Color Change 2010
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