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Photographers commit themselves to protecting the Poles

Some of the most famous photographers join the international campaign The Call of the Poles and share with us their outlook on the Arctic and the Antarctic, witnessing by their images charged with emotion of the fragility of polar environments and the urgent need to protect them.

To have a better knowledge of the work of those famous photographers, visit the website of those special witnesses of the changes affecting our planet.


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alexander128 Allemand148 Balakin148 axelsson128 bardout-B128 Conning148 desmier128 elander128 Friedhubert128 Gilardini-148 Gorshkov148 Gronningsaeter148 Itkonen148 Johansen148 Kobeh148 Langenberger148 LieDahl148 Mangersnes148 Marom148 Munier148 Pepy148 Poche Pottier148 redvers128 Seaman148 Stanisz148 Thomson148 Valberg148 widstrand128

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