Polar Bear Audun600

flag norvege Audun Lie Dahl
Photographer • Norway

A Changing World – Sea Ice North of Svalbard
The world of sea ice is a beautiful, yet vulnerable place to live. My dream is that also future generations will be able to experience precious moments in the sea ice, like this meeting with two polar bears.



Audun Lie Dahl is borned and raised at the island Smøla, on the northwestern coast of Norway. From the childhood he have had a great passion for the nature and wildlife. Audun started his photographic career in 2010 when he and his brother started the company, Smøla Naturopplevelser, guiding photographers by boat or taking them to special designed photohides. The last few years Audun has travelled all over the world to destinations like Svalbard, Antartica, Africa and Asia He also now guides photographers in Polar regions. Cold environment is his favorite theme, and he can spend days in the cold waiting for the best shots.

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